Elmer's English 304 Magazine


  • The Atlantic Online Online version of that venerable magazine, The Atlantic. Some web only articles.
  • Barnes and Noble: Books, music, videos, magazines, online courses.
  • Bibliomania - Free World Literature: Free World Literature online with more than 800 Classic Texts; Study Guides, Author Biographies, Book Summaries and Reference Books
  • Broadway Online: Get tickets, read the buzz, reviews of Broadway shows.
  • Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia: What's happening in Canada's theatre scene?
  • Flick, Jane, and Celia Millward. Handbook for Writers. 3rd ed. Toronto: Harcourt, 1999.
  • MacLeans Magazine: Current edition of Canada's No. 1 magazine online.
  • Merriam-Webster: Online dictionary and thesaurus, encyclopedia, writing speeches guide, word of the day.
  • The New Yorker: What's in the current edition? The Talk of the Town, Critics, Fiction, Cartoons, etc.
  • Novel Guide: Premier free source for literary analysis on the web, providing Chapter Summaries, Character Profiles, Metaphor Analysis, Theme Analyses, and Author Biographies for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.
  • Pegasus: A Literature Related Resource Site.
  • Review Vancouver: Reviewing the arts in Vancouver and beyond. Webzine edited by Ed Farolan.
  • Salon Books: The most interesting magazine on the web - book reviews, literary articles, current events.
  • Search Beat: One stop web guide: great section on books and authors.


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