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18th Annual Vancouver Fringe Festival - 2002

The Mysterious Mr Love

by Karoline Leach

Company: Dreamsurf Productions, Birmingham, England

Cast: Adelaide ... Elinor d' Angelis
 George   ... Marcus Fernando

Director: Tina Hofman
Composer: Mark Taylor
Costume: Richard Westcott

Venue 3: Studio 16, 1565 West 7th Avenue

Date: Sunday, September 8, 2002, 10:00 P.M.

Reviewer: Elmer G. Wiens

Good Acting Travels

A maxim of economics is that, because of the cost of transportation, "only quality apples travel."

"Quality acting travels" could be an aphorism for the Fringe Circuit.

Coming from England, Elinor d' Angelis, as Adelaide, and Marcus Fernando, as George, proved the point, carrying this play to Vancouver's audience. Elinor was effusive, and Marcus was pithy; both actors were excellent.

Placed in the first decade of the 20th century, the play pits the desperate old maid, grasping at her last chance for marriage, against the charming sociopath and conman, notching yet another mark. Can the inexperienced Adelaide win?

Initially, George and Adelaide describe themselves. George is "a careful person," and Adelaide works "in a hat shop." George wants money to spend on himself; Adelaide sees money as a means to get herself a better station in life.

George arranges to meet Adelaide; the mutual stalking begins.

I enjoyed that last half of the play immensely. George and Adelaide's chemistry "cooked some phonemes," and my heart cheered for them. Can they both win?

© Elmer G. Wiens

The Mysterious Mr Love runs at Venue 3, Studio 16, 1565 West 7th Avenue: September 7, 2:30 PM; September 8, 10:00 PM; September 9, 4:45 PM; September 12, 11:15 PM; September 13, 7:45 PM, September 15, 6:15 PM --- 2002.


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